Abu | Abubakar Ali Joho Biography


Abubakar Ali Joho, a household name in Mombasa is the elder brother of Hassan Joho, the current Governor of Mombasa County.

Things you didn’t know about Abu | Abubakar Ali Joho Biography

Abu is the elder brother of Hon. Hassan Joho of county 001, Kenya.

Abu, the tycoon isthe man behind Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho’s success. Just like Joho, Abubakar is also a great fashion enthusiast, stylish, rich and also handsome.

Abu is a wealthy businessman in Mombasa and is said to own several companies in the Coast region, including some at the Mombasa port. Abu is in his own league. His garage is filled with a collection of expensive rides that most of you only see in movies.

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