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Ali Saleh Kiba is a Tanzanian recording artiste, songwriter, dancer, producer, actor and model. He is one of Africa’s biggest stars and his name is steadily becoming a household name internationally.alikiba-biography

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Ali Saleh Kiba was born on November 26, 1986 in Iringa, Tanzania.

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Ali Kiba is the first of four children and is followed by Abdu Saleh Kiba, Zabibu Saleh Kiba and Abubakar Saleh Kiba.


Ali Kiba attended Upanga Primary School.


Music has always been Alikiba’s passion since childhood. He was either going to be a soccer player or a musician but the passion for the latter won. During his primary school years at Upanga Primary School in Dar es salaam, he would dance and sing for his fellow students in school shows. After high school in 2004, he started pursuing a career as a songwriter and a music artist and wrote his first song, Maria. Later that year, Alikiba started working on his first album. In 2005, he received an offer from a Ugandan soccer team but turned it down to pursue and perfect his music career. As much as he loved soccer and was super talented, he loved music more and in that same year, decided to put more effort in his music. 2007: Cinderella Album This was the album that introduced Alikiba to the music scene. The album’s top single, Cinderella was an instant hit and made it to number one on all of Tanzania’s music charts and was big enough to cross over to Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. He had East Africa’s complete attention when he followed up with even bigger hits led by MacMuga, Nakshi Mrembo and Mali Yangu. Even the Middle East could not get enough of the star. He breaking records and crossing boundaries. 2008: Alikiba 4 Real A year later in 2008, Alikiba released his second album’s first single, Usiniseme and at this point, he was dominating the charts across East Africa and beyond. The album, Alikiba 4 Real was another piece of work from the star.In the same year, Alikiba was nominated and won the Kilimanjaro Music Awards for Cinderella. 2009: Modeling While still soaring in his career, Alikiba received another soccer offer to play for the Tanzania soccer team, African Lyon but predictably, turned down the offer and instead decided to venture into modeling, as it didn’t take much of his time from music. 


After finishing high school in 2004, Alikiba wrote his first song “Maria” and continued releasing singles thereafter.  His debut album, named after the hit single ‘Cinderella’ became the biggest selling record in East Africa in 2008. He followed it up with his second album “Ali K for Real” which had mega-hits like ‘Nakshi Mrembo’, ‘Nichuum’ and ‘Usiniseme’. The success of the album cemented Alikiba’s name as one of Tanzania’s all-time greats.


So influential is Alikiba that the Tanzania’s president Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete honored him for his invaluable contribution to Tanzanian Music and Arts and Culture feted him. In 2011, Alikiba was voted as “the most popular top selling artist in East Africa” – Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda by Synovate research. According to a research company in Kenya, in 2011, Alikiba was voted as the most popular top selling artist in East Africa. In 2009, Alikiba was nominated for Best East African Artist at the Africa Music Awards in the UK.

In 2010 Alikiba achieved another first, collaborating alongside Billboard’s “Most Influential Global R&B Artist of the past 25 years”, American singer-songwriter and record producer R Kelly for the successful One8 project alongside seven of Africa’s biggest names in music; Fally Ipupa, 2Face, Amani, Movaizhaleine, 4X4, Navio, JK. When it comes to awards and nominations, Alikiba has them in plenty. He has been nominated for ‘Best International Act’ for Black Entertainment Film, Fashion, Television and Arts Awards, Best East African Artist (African Music Awards), Winner of Best Zouk / Rhumba Song and Best Tanzanian Writer, Best Male Artists and Best Collaborating song with Lady Jaydee (Kili Music Awards). Alikiba Saleh Kiba was born on November 26, 1986 in Iringa, Tanzania to Tombwe Njere and Saleh Omari.


Alikiba loves soccer and if he was not doing music, he would be playing professionally.


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