Anne Mutahi Biography


Anne Mutahi is a corporate leader, entrepreneur, mother, wife,a social influencer and the current chairperson of the Standard Chartered Bank Kenya board.

Anne Mutahi is a daughter to John Michuki.


“While in my 30s, I had a potato business and I would be on the road to Nyeri every morning by 4am. I’d wear a headscarf and gumboots for the trip there but on the way back to Nairobi I’d stop somewhere along the way to comb my hair and put on my high heels”, Mutahi said of her earlier days as a part-time banker and part-time private business owner. “Now I look back and think, was I crazy!”

By her mid-forties, Anne Mutahi had began mentoring young girls – an experience which she admits was doubly helpful as she ended up learning a thing or two herself.

“I remember this one young woman I mentored and she was so sure about her goals. She wanted to get a new job, get married and start a family all within one year and she ended up doing all of those things in just one year!”, said Mutahi in obvious awe. “What I learned from her is that you’ve got to be specific about the targets you want to achieve. This is very important in any career as well”

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