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Songoma is a music project by 3 solo artists: Mwachari, Fess and Abishai.

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Things You Didn’t Know About Band Songoma || Biography


The name Songoma is derived from Song and ‘Ngoma’ which is Swahili for drum.


These three diverse artists all met in Sauti Academy in 2012 and were bound together by their mutual love for MUSIC. The chemistry they had musically, led to what they now like to call Project Songoma.

They have performed on different stages during and after Sauti Academy.


With a heavily afro-pop R & B style, laid back persona and rich acoustic sound, Mwachari’s unique mellow voice leaves the ear yearning for more of his addictive melodies. Fess invests a high rich voice endowed with falsettos to die for. Abishai’s soulful baritone, cheeky wordplay and French accent adds intrigue to their music. This special blend creates a fusion that hasn’t yet been heard in the Kenyan scene. Amidst their own solo musical journeys they come together to create musical magic. They have worked on several compositions which will be compiled into an Album called Project Songoma. Listening and watching these amazing artists perform gives a euphoric atmosphere with their harmoniesand voices leaving you in awe.

Their Debut Single #PartyKwaNduthi produced by MG Studios is a feel good song that dropped on the 24th of October #2015 at the Skylux lounge in a live performance.


Mwachari is a Kenyan Singer, Songwriter, Performer and Actor. Brought up in the coastal city of Mombasa, Kenya, He started singing at age 8 after joining the church kids singing group at Mombasa Pentecostal Church, but it wasn’t until he was 16 when he fully embraced music as a way of life. He later joined Penya Africa’s artist development program, Sauti Academy in 2013 where he learned and sharpened his songwriting, performance and vocal skills. With a heavily afro-pop R & B style, laid back persona and rich acoustic sound, his unique mellow voice leaves the ear yearning for more of his addictive melodies. Named Nairobi’s 3rd best Male Vocalist in December’s Issue of UP magazine 2014 after D Major and Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime, Mwachari has had the privilege to work on a demo recording for a musical with renowned singer, songwriter, performer & political activist Erick Wainaina, among other Sauti Academy Alumni. They Say Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life; He strives to be that kind of musician you’d want to listen to everyday.


Abishai Nkwigize was born on February 5, 1992, in Bujumbura, Burundi. Born at a time of political unrest, his family fled to seek refuge in Kigoma, Tanzania. At 7 years old he finally returned back home, having developed an interest in music earlier on, which his father supported and encouraged. His influences included Gabriel, Brian Adams, Michael Bolton, and Michael Jackson, Nat King Cole as well as Dolly Parton among others. Driven by his passion, Abishai decided to leave his country and headed to Kenya. Settling in Nairobi, he met and interacted with other artists and joined the music team at the New Song Chapel. He got the opportunity to train in music production and work at new song Studio producing music tracks. He later joined Sauti Academy where he polished his art and graduated. Abishai has performed and worked with numerous artists and bands as a vocalist and bassist. He is an artist of this new generation who still believes that you are only an artist if you know what art means…


Fess, is a soulful young Kenyan musician and actor. Popularly known as the DUKE of Rongai, Fess is musically gifted and brags of an array of achievements including participating in East Africa`s Tusker Project fame season 6 and was among the five Kenyans selected out of tens of thousands applicants. To rubberstamp his musical ability Fess has been part of two nationally acclaimed academies, National Youth Talent Academy and Sauti academy where he met with Abishai and Mwachari, and mutually decided to join forces and engage in the project SONGOMA. His falsetto has branded him as radio king bragging of an astounding 15 wins in Kiss100`s 15 seconds of fame that also got him to the finals of radio Africa`s Kenya`s greatest entertainer at the tender age of nineteen where he was first runners up. At the age of ten he was already leading in Church productions. He promises to surprise Africa soon. Regarded as among Kenya`s most brightest prospects he has been numerously tipped to take the Kenyan local scene international and as he says it’s just a matter of time.

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