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Bensoul Biography: Bensoul is a Kenyan Singer-Songwriter, producer & Multi-instrumentalist signed to Sol Generation Records.

Bensoul is a multi-instrumentalist (Bass, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Keys, Drums & Violin).

Bensoul was exposed to music when he was young growing up in Embu town.

“I picked up instruments and learned how to play out of interest by myself. After high school, I came to Nairobi where I met H_Art The Band and we became friends. I later joined Sauti Academy and everything after that, including being signed by Sol Generation, has been unfolding through God’s grace. I cannot say that I planned any of the success I have had to date,” he reveals.

For the five years, he has been low-key in the industry, Bensoul has taken to learning the craft. He has grown to learn how to play every instrument that he has come across, in a list that includes the acoustic guitar, bass guitar, piano, cello, violin, double bass, drums and ukulele. He credits all this exposure and love for music to his love of interacting with other successful musicians and his zest to learn something new from them.

“I am not about fame. At the end of the day I would like to leave a legacy and make a difference through music that people can identify with,” he says of his music philosophy.

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