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Bridget Achieng is an Uprising socialite, fashion stylist and reality TV actress on the hit series Nairobi Diaries.

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Bridget Achieng is fondly referred to as Mother hen.

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“I bleached my skin and I am happy, proud and confident about the way I look. I’m okay with it and so is my man. If I wasn’t, I would have lied to you all claiming it’s my natural colour just like Huddah does when she denies ever bleaching her skin. We all know that’s not her natural skin colour. I have learned with time that beauty is not only about appearance but what is inside also matters.”

“There are so many people who look up to me and I want them to look at me in the right way. No one knows this, but I’m trying to go back to my natural skin colour. I have stopped using the creams and I am embracing My true natural beauty,” Bridget further elaborated

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