Cliff Ombeta Biography

Cliff Ombeta Biography

Cliff Ombeta Biography: Cliff Ombeta is a Kenyan Lawyer based in Nairobi county.

Cliff Ombeta Biography, Education, Career, Family, Background.


“In school, no teacher would punish me unless I was in the wrong and the teacher had evidence to back it up. I used to argue my cases in school, and could never allow punishment which I didn’t deserve. I was expelled from Jamhuri High School in Form One, and in Form Two, I was expelled from High Secondary School.

I went to Friends School Kamusinga where I was suspended several times and finally cleared my A-Level at Koilel Secondary School. I was expelled from Jamhuri because I threw a firecracker at a teacher. It was boyhood excitement and the cracker by bad luck landed on a teacher. At Highway, I was expelled because a teacher found us gambling and decided to punish me, but I felt the punishment was too severe, so I refused and they opted to expel me. I have always had a strong sense of fairness.” Source: SDE

Cliff Ombeta is an advocate and the founding partner of Ombeta & Associates Advocates.

“In Form Two, I read Rage of the Angels by Sidney Sheldon. The main character is a Mafia lawyer. I immediately fell in love with criminal law. I knew instantly that my purpose in life was to be a criminal lawyer.”Source: SDE


“I separated from my wife due to irreconcilable differences, but we still talk and share custody of the children. I have two children, a daughter and a boy. They both want to be lawyers.”


“I am a middle-class citizen who can afford the fine things in life. I can afford a house in Karen, but I live in a gated community instead.
I love cars too and have in my stable a Mercedes E320, a Mercedes E330, an S-Class 320 Mercedes and an SLK 200 convertible Mercedes. I had a Land Cruiser VX and a Prado, but I sold the Toyotas.”Source: SDE

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