Comedian Njugush Biography

Njugush Biography

Njugush is a Kenyan comedian, influencer, mentor and a MCEE who plays diverse characters.

Things you didn’t know about Comedian Njugush Biography

Comedian Njugush’s real name is Timothy Kimani Ndegwa or better describes himself as Timo is the smart one while Njugush is the Naive one.

Njugush’s father is a reverend.

Njugush went to eight primary schools because his father’s job made him move from one area to another.
Njugush is also alumnus of Kenya Institute of Mass Communication(KIMC) undertaking journalism.

“I loved telling stories therefore I wanted to be a print journalist. I also wanted to continue with acting. Since acting did not offer financial security, I wanted to be a full time journalist and a part-time actor.”

“While I was at KIMC, I hosted a reggae show on the school’s radio station, ECN.”

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Comedy began since childhood. Used to act in Sunday school so it grew gradually.

“In mid-2013, I had been looking for work in every media house. Then I wanted to become a very serious journalist. After seeing me in a play I had done two years before, Abel Mutua called me. He told me they were starting a show called Hapa Kule and they needed me for a bit of silliness and humour. After that The Real House helps of Kawangware came along, it was a small segment in Hapa Kule, and after gaining popularity on YouTube, it became a show on its own.”

Njugush weds the love of his life and and his longtime girlfriend Celestine Ndinda in a beautiful wedding in PCEA Evergreen in Runda on 16th December 2016 having met back in college.
The wedding was attended by many local celebrities among them former Tahidi actor Abel Mutua, Celina and Phil the director.

“I remember when I was almost through with college; I was hopeless on getting a job. So I craftily tried to break up with her because I had no future to offer. But let me tell you, she stuck by me; and kept praying for me,”

“She told me: ‘Once you get a job, you can dump me; but for now, no.’ Funny, right? She is my friend; she is my people.”

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