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Dj Shiti is one funniest and industrious comedian who has risen from a relatively unknown comedian to a major force in the industry thanks to his viral videos.

Things you didn’t know about Dj Shiti Biography

Dj Shiti was born and brought up in Mumias, Musanda,and he is the sixth born in a family of the Richard Dede and Victoria Songa.

Dj Shiti or better known as Deejay Shitiani, his real full name is Steven Oduor Dede.

Dj Shiti went on to St Luke Seminary School, Kampala.

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“Way back in 2000 as a pupil in primary school I played the role of my imaginary aunt from Kamba land who had a habit of expressing herself in Luo and Kikuyu accents whenever she was angry– something that worked well for me. My friends told me I was a born comedian and this went on to my school life , prompting me to consider focusing on comedy which was my first love.”

Dj Shiti began his career at Nakuru Players theatre where he did set-books, plays and stand-up comedies.

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