Dr Christoph Franz Biography (GERMANY)


Dr Christoph Franz is the current president and chairman of Roche Group Holdings which is a Swiss Multi-national Health care company that operates worldwide under two divisions- Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Divisions.

Things you didn’t know about Dr Christoph Franz Biography

Dr Christoph Franz was born in May 2nd 1960 in Germany.
Dr Christoph Franz attended Ecole Centrale de Lyon and Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Lyon in France,Technical University in Germany, a Doctorate from Darmstadt Technical University and a Post doctoral research at University of California, Berkeley in USA.

“Cancer is not a death sentence. There is a very high recovery rate for those diagnosed early.”

“Unfortunately, many people come for diagnosis when it is too late”, adds Dr Christoph
as he quotes while in Kenya meeting with First Lady of Kenya , Margaret Kenyatta and Senator Beth Mugo of Beth Mugo Cancer Foundation.

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