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Dr. Wale Akinyemi is a well known International business strategist, consultant, author, inspirational speaker and leading newspaper columnist, who captivates his audience with his voice, his great sense of humour, genuine personality and words of endless wisdom.

Things You Didn’t Know About Dr Wale Akinyemi || Biography


  • Never reduce the vision to accommodate resources. Rather increase your capacity to execute the vision.
  • No masterpiece was ever made by a lazy artist and to venture into the deep seas you must lose sight of the shores
  • Proximity to a lion never made anyone a lion. Judas’ proximity to Jesus did not make a saint out of a devil.
  • People who force their way to the top have little impact. People who serve their way to the top always stand out.
  • If your value comes from your proximity to someone you are an endangered species.right conditions will reveal the truth
  • Those who cannot handle obscurity with grace will never handle prominence with decorum.
  • alway Try en fall with your back! There is Much light in sight, than when U fall with your belly… U can only imagine Light!
  • Complacency is born out of a delusion that you are in absolute control of time and events
  • Why buy things you don’t need with money you don’t have to impress people you don’t like.
  • There is no advantage in being the brightest among fools or the most learned among the ignorant.
  • Beware of small brained people who make you think your cocoon is a palace
  • No amount of motivation can motivate a horse to fly
  • The purpose of a great strategy in football is not to have a great game but to score goals!
  • In the battle between the lion and shark the terrain determines the outcome.
  • True leaders benchmark imagination & destiny. Office holders benchmark greed & history
  • When the rate of external change is faster than your rate of internal growth, victims are born.
  • Many people think they are thinking but are simply rearranging the blocks of ignorance in their heads.
  • True leaders lead by function and not by titles.
  • Mental problems were not designed to be treated with pain killers. The solution to mental backwardness is information!
  • You cannot rise above your excuses. Whatever mediocrity you excuse will stay.
  • The importance of your office will shrink or expand with the capacity of your mind.
  • If you do not set goals, life will set limits.
  • Failure is a choice made by people who make permanent decisions on moving conditions.
  • Those who are scared of being wrong reduce their chances of being right.
  • A problem that is rooted in ignorance cannot be solved by prayer.
  • If all you can see is what you are looking at then u are limiting yourself.
  • When a winner wins,he wins. When he fails,he still wins. He will make beauty from the ashes of failure. When a failure fails,he stops.
  • My goal is not just to write things worth reading but to live a life worth writing about.
  • Schooling rewards you with a certificate while education rewards you with an experience of life.
  • Schooling has a lifespan but education is for life.
  • The Mastery of Time is the beginning of greatness.
  • Thinking and dreaming are free yet many behave as if they will receive an invoice for each progressive thought and dream!
  • Passion is the boost that takes you on when logic has failed
  • Skills create options. Passion makes skills profitable.
  • Only those ready to lose sight of the shores will ever discover new lands.
  • Great minds live forever.
  • Transformation is not a renovation of the old. It is the birth of the new.
  • No point in dying if you haven’t lived. We make an income by our economic activity but we make a living by acts of compassion.
  • Why do some people prefer to be gold fish in an aquarium when they were made to be great white sharks dominating the ocean?
  • Better to fail at something than to succeed at nothing.
  • Conformity needs no effort. It is the default position of the masses.
  • The most powerful enemy of progress is a blind mind.
  • Don’t reduce the vision to accommodate the budget. Increase you faith to accommodate the vision.
  • Those who don’t see you when you are invisible don’t deserve your attention when you’re visible.
  • Conformity is the mother of mediocrity.
  • Mental boundaries have contained more people than all the political and economic boundaries in the world.
  • There’s more money on earth than there are people!
  • Botched dreams are the expressions of a mismatch between potential and capacity.
  • The person who knows how will always have the job but the person who knows why will always be his boss.
  • The strength of your vision will determine the tenure of your circumstances.
  • Being stuck in the language of yesterdays success is evidence that the mind lacks the ability to conceive anything better for tomorrow.
  • The originality of your ideas is an expression of the fertility of your mind.
  • If you cannot describe where you are going you will be defined by where you are.
  • A person who does not know why they are on earth is an experiment going nowhere to happen. Where purpose is unknown abuse is inevitable.


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