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Ekuru Aukot is a Kenyan lawyer, an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and a Presidential aspirant in the 2017 Kenyan general election through his party Thirdway Alliance Kenya.

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Ekuru Aukot was born in 1972.

Ekuru’s full name is John Ekuru Longoggy Aukot.

Ekuru Aukot studied for PhD and LLM in International Refugee Law, & Law in Development at University of Warwick, UK; holds Bachelor of Law from the University of Nairobi and Diploma in Legal Practice from the Kenya School of Law.

Ekuru Aukot is the Founder of Ekuru Aukot Law Consulting firm. He is also the Founder & President of Ekuru Aukot Foundation a lobby group that supports education of nomadic and pastoralists boys and girls.

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Ekuru Aukot helped draft the 2010 Constitution of Kenya and once taught Constitutional & Administrative Law at University of Warwick, UK and at the Kenya School of Law. He has been a Visiting Law Lecturer on the Law of Refugees & IDPs at School & Faculty of Law, University of Nairobi and at the East African School of Refugees & Humanitarian Affairs, and at Refugee Law Project, Makerere University, Uganda.
Aukot picked Emmanuel Nzai as his running mate for the first time to make a stub on the presidency through Thirdway Alliance Kenya. He is a new entrant in politics by going for the top seat.

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