Farhana Oberson Biography

Farhana Oberson Biography

Farhana Oberson Biography: Farhana Oberson is a Kenyan Female Travel Vlogger and Youtube personality.

Farhana Oberson Biography, age, youtube, background.

Farhana was born on 14th January.

Farhana Oberson attended and graduated from Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus.

Farhana started her Youtube by documenting her travels and killing boredom while studying in Malaysia. That was before YouTube became the new influencer in travel.

“I was going through a difficult time in Malaysia during the second year of my studies. Then my mother encouraged me to go out and explore the Langkawi Island, film and share the videos with them back home in Kenya,” says Farhana.

She filmed different destinations in Malaysia using her iPhone 5 and as a way of keeping a personal diary, she posted them on YouTube and that is how her video blog—Rafiki Squad— became a passion and a career.

“I didn’t start it to be famous, I merely uploaded the videos to show my family back home about the trips that I would go on alone in Malaysia. However, friends started sharing my videos and that gave me the encouragement to continue sharing my adventures.”

Farhana won the Kenyan YouTube Channel Award of the Year at the OLX SOMA 2017 awards.

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