Femi One Biography


Femi One Shikow is a Kenyan lyrical Femcee/Hip Hop Artist/Rapper whose music contains witty metaphors, wordplay, humor and punchlines as avenues to narrate stories.

Femi One Shikow was born on April 25, 1994.

Femi One Shikow real name is Wanjiku Kimani.

Femi One’s music is both entertaining and engaging. Shikow uniquely manages to put a light touch on all issues that she addresses. Femi One uses swahili and sheng as the main languages in her music in ways that elevate her to the competitive level among male emcees/rappers.

Shikow’s Trademark line, common in most of her records, clearly describes her wordplay style as she states that

“Me ndio femione among ma-feminine…” (I’m the Femione among the Feminine [Femcees]).

Shikow Femione delivers powerfully in her records and matches the same when performing live on stage.

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