Fleur Ng’weno Biography

Fleur Ngweno biography

Fleur Ng’weno Biography: Fleur Ng’weno is a naturalist, writer, former editor and the wife to Kenyan’s most accomplished journalist, Hilary Ng’weno.

Fleur Ng’weno Biography, Age, Education , Career, Background.

Fleur was born to a French family.

Fleur Ng’weno took her studies in the US but her passion for nature and conservation began from an early age.
Fleur holds a Bachelors degree in conservation.

Fleur Ng’weno is actively involved in environmental issues in Kenya for more than forty years, serving as Honorary Secretary to Nature Kenya which was formerly known as the East Africa Natural History Society.

Fleur came to Kenya in 1963 to join her parents who were working here.

“I came to Kenya in 1963 to visit my parents and it was then that I met my husband Hillary Ng’weno,” she recalls.

The two married towards the end of 1963, and have been together ever since. During her early years in Kenya.

Fleur Ng’weno is blessed with two daughters Amolo Ng’weno and Bettina Ngweno.

Fleur Ng’weno love bird watchig.

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