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George Kimani is a Kenyan Viner and YouTube personality.

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George’s inspiration is daily life experiences that he sees humor in has what has made him who he is today. Now, the journey to fame and success wasn’t that hard for him as people may see it. He just turned what he loved, humor, into money.

“I’m usually very observant in social media groups or around home to make sure no idea passes me,” he goes on to tell us.

George himself watches others comedians, Kevin Hart, has been a big inspiration to him. He loves the guy.

“I find the guy very hilarious…. Definitely my kind sense of humor….”.


“ If you have passion for something..get up and do it instead of chilling at home waiting for a job after university.”

THIS SARAHAH THINGY THO!! ???? @seth_gor @vinesofafrica #VinesOfAfricaLtd

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