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Jerusalem-born Gilad Millo is a Kenya-based African pop star and Award Winning Musician.

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Gilad Millo was born on 27th September 1971 in Jerusalem, Israel.

Gilad’s first footprint in Kenya was as a backpacker in 1996. He returned in 2002 as the Israeli government spokesman following the Kikambala terror attacks on Israeli tourists. In 2003, he was back as deputy ambassador of Israel to Kenya.
After a stint in Los Angeles, Millo left Israel’s Foreign Ministry in 2008, and settled with his family in Nairobi permanently. By day, he heads business development and public relations for Balton CP Group.

“There is something really unique about this place. If you want to get philosophical, in my language (Hebrew), Kenya means ‘nest of God.’ What keeps me here and what I like most about the country are the people. Kenyans are generous, welcoming and loving. I’m a diplomat’s son and was a diplomat myself, so I grew up globe-trotting every few years of my life. This is the first time I have no deadline about moving somewhere. So, for as long as Kenya will have me, I am happy to stay. My family loves it here,” Millo told Standard Digital News(SDE)- Source.

Millo, who sang in a boys’ choir growing up, had a band in high-school and then a Jerusalem rock band in his mid-20s — has said that his venture in music is for his soul and that any profits he makes will be donated. He says it was his dream to be a musician long before he became a diplomat and then businessman. Noting that music would not feed his growing family at the time, he chose a different professional track.

Gilad Millo is a former deputy head of mission at the Israeli Embassy in Kenya.
Gilad put music aside to focus on his career as a journalist and later as a diplomat, returning to music only in 2011 when he began to perform with Calabash Band in Kenya.
On April 7th 2015, Gilad made his musical debut in Kenya, releasing ‘Unajua’ featuring Kenyan artist – Wendy Kimani. The song reached several leading spots on the Kenyan charts and is popular with Kenyans.

Mr Gilad is married to Hadas whom he met while they were both serving in the Israel Defense Forces.

Mr Gilad is blessed with two children.

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