Gor Semelang’o Biography


Gor Semelang’o is the former Youth Enterprise Development Fund chairman.

Things you didn’t know about Gor Semelang’o Biography

Gor Semelang’o holds a Masters degree from Utrecht University, the best rated public university in the Netherlands.

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Gor Semelang’o is the Managing Director & Founder CEO at PetroKenya Oil Co. Ltd.

Gor Selemang’o is said to be one of the richest businessmen in the country. The former Youth Fund chairman is flashy, philanthropic, and outgoing, and has reportedly acquired a new Range Rover Sports and his chase car is a Prado.

Gor Selemang’o loves networking and mentoring people.

Gor reveals that he campaigned for president Uhuru Kenyatta way back in 2002. He explains that he was in charge of putting up Uhuru’s posters in Kibera and other parts of Nairobi.

“My relationship with the president dates way back to when he first ran for presidency (in 2002). Do you know I am the one who was coordinating to have his posters put in Kibera and other parts of Nairobi? He is a man I greatly admire and respect.”


“The easiest way to remain poor is to pretend you are rich. Forget about swag, it won’t pay the bills, go out and work hard. Invest in contacts, and build your business.”

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