Hellena Ken Biography


Hellena Ken Biography: Hellena Ken is a Kenyan gospel musician born in 1977 in Kabangi village, Mwingi, Kitui county.

Hellena Ken is popularly known for her song ‘Sitarudi Kuwa Vile’.

Hellena Ken’s earlier albums were mainly done in Kikamba, her first language, but were later translated into English and Kiswahili in order to reach a wider audience. This included the 12-song Evinda ya Kuthingithwa that was recorded in 1997 while still a student at Utalii College; it was translated, recorded and released as her second album in 1999.

Hellena Ken completed Secondary school and joined Kenya Utalii College in Nairobi to study House-Keeping and Laundry. After graduating with a diploma in Housekeeping and Laundry, she secured a job as a Housekeeping and Laundry supervisor in the same institution.

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