Hilary Mutyambai Biography


Hilary Mutyambai Biography: Hilary Mutyambai is the newly appointed new Inspector General of Police following the retirement of Joseph Boinnet.

Hilary Mutyambai Biography, age, education, career, background.

Mutyambai holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Nairobi and a Master’s of Arts degree in National Security Policy from the Australian National University — the same institution where Joseph Boinnet acquired his Master’s degree.

Mutyambai is a trained police officer whose stellar career in the police service saw him rise from a junior officer in the then Kenya Police Force in 1991 to the rank of Superintendent of Police before joining the then Directorate of Security Intelligence in 1998. Mutyambai was previously an Assistant Director with the National Intelligence Service and the Deputy Director in charge of Counter Terrorism in the National Intelligence Service.
He has previously served at the Kenya High Commission in Kampala Uganda as a Political Attaché from 2000 to 2004.
He is a man with a vast experience on security matters having undergone special training on counter terrorism and advanced security in the U.S, Operational Management in the United Kingdom and Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism in Israel.

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