Hilary Ng’weno Biography

Hilary Ngweno Biography

Hilary Ng’weno Biography: Hilary Ng’weno is a retired and one of Kenya’s most respected journalists.

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Ng’weno was born on June 28th , 1938 in Nairobi County.

Ng’weno’s full name is Hilary Boniface Ng’weno.

Ng’weno attended Mangu High School before leaving for Harvard University in the US where he became the first Kenyan to attend the prestigious institution. After finishing in 1961, he returned to Harvard as the first African fellow of the Harvard Center for International Affairs (1968-1969).

The Harvard graduate is a nuclear scientist and after graduating from Harvard with a degree in nuclear physics, he came back home to pursue journalism and became a reporter for Daily Nation. Within a short period of 9 months, he was appointed the first African editor-in-chief (1964-65).
After resigning from Nation, he went to work on his publications that included The Weekly Review, Kenya’s longest running political magazine (1975-1999) and The Nairobi Times (1977-1983). In 1883, he sold The Nairobi Times and was renamed The Kenya Times.
After 24 years of ensuring The Weekly Review remained in print for its avid readers, he moved to television launching a TV station, STV. His time in TV production has seen him produce many TV programmes such as ‘The Making of a Nation’.

Hilary Ng’weno has been married to Fleur Ng’weno.

Mr Ng’weno is blessed with two daughters Amolo Ng’weno and Bettina Ngweno who are distinguished achievers in education and media.

In 1968, he was awarded the John D. Rockefeller III Award.
In 2010 ‘Makers of a Nation’ won the Best TV Script by Hillary Ng’weno at the Kalasha Awards.

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