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Pastor Israel Robert Burale a renowned Man of God, is an image consultant well known as a Fashion Cop and a respected public figure for being one of finest public speakers ranking as Top most MC in Kenya and 6th finest in Africa according to the recently concluded research by a South African research firm.

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 Things You Didn’t Know About Israel Robert Burale || Biography
Robert Burale was born and raised in Karen in a stable family.


Robert Burale attended Musa Gitau Primary School and later Bungoma High School, he nurtured his acting talent. Burale later went to the UK for his undergraduate studies at De Mont Forte University, where he studied Business and Marketing.

Part of his Education life story insights:

“I joined the wrong company while studying in the UK and that is how I started going to strip clubs and drinking. After completing my studies, I came back home and continued with my evil ways. But thank God I got saved in the nick of time’” Burale says at an interview. “I was a mess at some point in life. I was always sharply dressed on the outside but on the inside I was a mess. My life was in chaos. Around 2007, I partied continuously, dated several women and I was addicted to strip clubs. I incurred heavy debts because of this addiction. I came to the end of myself in 2008 — I had so many problems and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I decided to give my life to Christ.”


Burale is a renown pastor based in Nairobi Kenya, and here is how he accepted God’s call:

“One day, I was driving my car and I saw something like a vision where God was speaking to me. It was scary. It felt like God was telling me to change my ways and turn to Him. I was so scared and confused I went to a pastor on Ngong’ Road and explained to him what happened. He led me to Christ. It was not easy changing my old ways as I still had a bit of the old man trying to come forth again. Though I am a changed man, now one of the greatest challenges I have faced is that some people still look at me with the eyes of the past.  It is, especially difficult because I am a public figure. I keep my eyes on God.”


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