Jabidii Amenge Biography

Jabidii Amenge Biography

Jabidii Amenge Biography: Jabidii Amenge is a Kenya dancehall artist, hypeman and one of hit song maker of ‘Odi Dance’

Jabidii went to Toi primary school.

Apart from music, jabidii is also a art artist.He joined the music industry officially in 2010. He has collaborated with various artist such as Bravoo,sevil,dashan and many more.

Jabidii started free styling with his peers and doing music in his teenage years but was already giving up on his dream of pursuing music as a career because there were no role models and advisors in Kibera. He had planned to quit the industry after his last project the now popular song Shoot Satan, which has given him a lifeline.

“When I released Shoot Satan not many people identified with the song making it popular.”

He was in studio working on new music when one of his friends asked him for the Shoot Satan song to do the Odi dance challenge but he instead chose to freestyle about the dance. Noel heard the freestyle and got back to him asking if they can do a professional song for Odi dance with Hype Ochi on board. That is how the three (Odi Dance Team) got together.

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