Jane Muthoni Biography, Education, Awards, Music and Background.


Jane Muthoni Biography: Jane Muthoni is a popular kenyan award-winning Kikuyu gospel musician, singer and artist.

At the age of seven, Jane Muthoni started formal education at Gachoka Primary School in Gatundu, Thika District. She later dropped out due to lack of school fees but joined another school after two years.
In Class Five, she was transferred to another school. Before long Muthoni and her mother moved to Narok where she sat the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education.
As fate would have it, Muthoni was unable to continue with Secondary School.
In 1993, Muthoni and her mother were caught up in politically instigated ethnic clashes in Narok. They were forced to run back to Gatundu. She had to join her mother in her odd jobs to put a meal on the table. She was to confront a hard life in its raw form


“I came to Nairobi and I was employed as a house girl in Jogoo road, taking care of children and doing all house hold work.
My employee was not so bad, which I always thank God for. The most challenging thing is that those days house helps were paid so little. I was paid sh300 per month despite doing alot of work in that house. I did not lose my vision of becoming an artist so I kept trying.
When I asked my employee to increase my salary, she added me sh20, that added upto sh320 per month.
I also worked as a waitress in Gatundu where I was earning a thousand per month.”

Because she always wanted to be a musician, in 1996, Muthoni’s life inspired her to write music. Using her hard-earned money and topping it with borrowed money, she released her first album Giagai na Hinya (Be Strong), which became a hit and the album sold out.

Jane Muthoni started singing over ten years ago, Jane Muthoni has released five albums and has become one of the most popular Kikuyu gospel singers and famously known for songs like Materetha, Geria Ringi, and muturire.

Jane Muthoni won the Grove Award Central song of the year in 2017 with her song ‘Geria Ringi’

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