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Dr. Jennifer Riria is the Group CEO of Kenya Women Holding and one of Africa’s leading women entrepreneurs who has always been on a mission to transform the lives of women and their families in her native Kenya.

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was born the fourth child and fourth daughter in a family of 10 children.

Born to a very humble background where she literary walked from home to school on bare feet, she slept in the same room as chicken and goats. The young Jennifer did household chores that other young girls only heard of, she fetched water and firewood, looked after cows and looked after her younger siblings.

Jennifer Riria attended the prestigious Precious Blood High School in Nairobi which was 700km away from home.
At the end of high school, however, Jennifer found herself pregnant and a mother, to which her father objected strongly.
Jennifer went on to study at the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, where she obtained a scholarship, after which she went on to study for her prestigious masters degree at the University of Leeds in the UK. On her return to Nairobi, she commenced work on her PhD, taking as her theme a subject close to her heart – women, education and development

Dr. Jennifer Riria is distinguished as a microfinance banker and practitioner, researcher and gender specialist and the Group CEO of Kenya Women Holding.
Armed with her first degree Jennifer landed a tutor job at Kabete Technical Institute where she taught for six months before joining State House Girls where she taught for a year.

In 2013 Dr. Jennifer was awarded the Ernst & Young (EY) Entrepreneur of the year, East Africa 2013, and subsequently, the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2014, at which point she was admitted to EY’s Global Hall of Fame.

Jennifer is the brains behind the Educate the Net 235 Girls initiative. The programme supports needy girls in their education.

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