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Billionaire Jimi Wanjigi well known as King of tenderprenuers is one of the most richest Kenyan businessman in the country.

Things you didn’t know about Jimi Wanjigi Biography

Jimi Wanjigi was born in Kenya.

Mr Jimi real full name is Jimi Richard Wanjigi though, his buddies call him ‘James Bond’- the stylish secret agent, “Special Agent 007” character created by English author Ian Flemming in the 1960s and acted in iconic films.

Jimi Wanjigi attended St Mary’s School, Nairobi for his secondary studies and later joined the University of York.

Mr Jimi Wanjigi is married to Irene Nzisa.

Before he rose to financial fame, Mr Wanjigi worked at his father’s company in Westlands, Nairobi.

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Billionaire Jimi Wanjigi is the founder and chairman of Kwacha Group and also Tyl Limited.

Jimi Wanjigi is a Nairobi based billionaire businessman owns a flat in London’s Park Lane, a Rolls Royce worth Ksh $300,000 ,A heated swimming pool, helipad for his Eurocopter registration 5Y-JWJ, a bunker , a massive mansion on five acres on Muthaiga Road just yards from the residence of the US ambassador, homes in Zurich and bolt holes in Dubai.

Jimi Wanjigi loves traveling, networking, playing golf and current affairs.

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