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Kalembe Ndile was the former Kibwezi member of parliament.

Things you didn’t know about Kalembe Ndile Biography

Kalembe Ndile was born on 16th April 1964.
Kaelembe Ndile’s full name is Kalembe Richard Ndile or proudly calls himself ‘mwana wa squatter’.
Former MP Kalembe Ndile was involved in a road accident along Mombasa Road. Ndile lost control of his Subaru Forester and collided head on with a trailer. He was rushed to Shalom Hospital in Kitengela Former Kibwezi MP Kalembe Ndile was involved in a scary road accident in the morning of Saturday, September 9, along Mombasa Road near Devki. The accident occurred at around 3 am when Ndile’s Subaru Forester collided head on with a trailer headed the opposite direction. The former MP was rushed to Shalom Hospital in Kitengela after sustained fractured leg and hand.

God Fearing“I am a God fearing person, I owe everything to him.”
Animal lover“As you may remember, I was the assistant minister for Wildlife in the National Alliance Rainbow Coalition, and that did auger well with my undying love for animals.”
Chef“Well I may not be a qualified Chef but trust me my family and friends would never let anyone roast their meat when Mr. Ndile is around.”
Family man “Ndile is a family man, on a normal weekend when my schedules are not tight, I do spend most of my time with my family, though 90% of my weekends are consumed by work related activities.”
Car enthusiast “I love cars, am a big fan of toys but what’s interesting is that driving counts as one of my greatest hobbies. I do drive myself.”

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