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Kikuyu Maestro Kamande wa Kioi is controversial Mugithi singer and Benga artist who hails Nairobi with a huge local fan base mostly of which are Kikuyu who listen and love his Mugithi Hits.kamande-wa-kioi

Things You Didn’t Know About Kamande wa Kioi || Biography
Kamande wa Kioi was born in 1972 as the 6th born in a family of eight.

Kamande wa Kioi real name is Marc Kamande Kioi

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Mr Kamande is married to two wives;  1995 and 2003 although he has not solemnised the unions and has five children.

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Kamande wa Kioi started playing the guitar in church in his tender age of 12 years of which he did not attend guitar classes since it was a mere talents he discovered he had and later becoming a guitarist with the Kenyan Police Band and as well as the Police Welfare Band before he was transferred to the Dog Section in 1993 — the band died on the same year.

On ranking as a Constable in the police force, he resigned from the Kenya Police and later tried his hand into the matatu business before embarking and settling onto the Benga Music Scene. Kamande began as a guitarist for other bands before buying himself his first guitar and sooner than later Kamande went to record and release his first debut album Mami Nikii Wekire Baba? (Mum, what happened to dad?) in 2000. A year later, Kamande released Parapara (noise). In 2002, he released a mega hit Kanyau Gakwa (my cat). The following year he released Thie Uhike (go get married).  In 2004, he released award-winning album, Karanga Chapo. And in 2006, Kamande courted salvation and released a gospel album, From Nothing To Something.


Kamande is an eccentric personality who threw his hat in the ring during the 2013 General Elections where he contested for the Maragua Parliamentary seat on Kamlesh Pattni’s Kenda party and lost. He garnered 8,432 votes.


“A toothless gum is very dangerous. The pain was so terrible ,”

Says Kamande as he plans to publish his adventures on a book titled, Adventures of wa Kioi, which includes an incident where a toothless man bit his face.

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