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Keriako Tobiko CBS SC is a Kenyan lawyer and the current Director of The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions Kenya, an independent prosecutorial authority established by Article 157 of the constitution of Kenya 2010.

Things you didn’t know about Keriako Tobiko Biography

Keriako Tobiko was born in a polygamous family with 18 children in Mashuru, Kajiado County on December 12, 1964.

Keriako Tobiko is son to Tobiko Ole Paloshe

Keriako Tobiko is a blessed father of three boys, his first born son Mike and twins, Lema and Leki.

For a start, many will be surprised to learn that Keriako, who holds impeccable academic records including a Masters degree in Law from the prestigious Cambridge University in the UK and a First Class Honours in Law from the University of Nairobi, almost never made it to Class Seven.

“I was not the brightest kid in Mashuru Primary School and I sneaked out frequently to engage in other vices. I felt constrained by the rigid discipline in school as opposed to life in the bush where there was more fun eating meat and chasing girls,” says Keriako.

But his illiterate father’s newfound love for education would prove stronger than the young man’s persuasions.

“Whenever my father got word that I had sneaked out of school, he would take hold of me, drag me back to school and cane my bare bottoms in front of the entire school. The humiliation would work for some time.”

He then proceeded to Kanyakine High School in Meru for his A-levels, becoming an avid debater and a prefect in charge of the school library.

Keriako Tobiko’s break came in 1989, just before he could complete his final year, when one Amos Wako, then working for top notch law firm Kaplan and Stratton, came to the university to search for pupilage students. They settled on Keriako and his roommate, Kioko Kilukumi.

“We were a bit surprised as we did not have any big names, family or otherwise, behind us,” says Keriako.

During the early 1990s, Keriako set up a law firm in Kajiado with a branch in Nairobi and jokingly says it was unique

“having a head office of a law firm in the bush with a branch in a capital city.”

A staunch champion of minority land rights, Keriako did a lot of pro bono work for the people of Kajiado

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