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Kevin Mulei, popularly  know as Dj Kev is the C.E.O of Mo Sound,  which has created, organised and managed some of the biggest events in Kenya including the annual Groove Awards Ceremony.

Things you didn’t know about Kevin Mulei Biography


Behind a successful man there is a strong woman and Dj kev is not an exception to this as he is married to one lovely lady by the name Janet Kabugu. Janet is a former miss Kenya and represented Kenya at the Miss world competition in 2003 .


Kevin Mulei the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mo Sound, a creative event Production company.


Imagine being just 23 and US$25,000 in debt because of a business venture gone bad. But when he started Kenya’s first gospel music awards in 2004 Kevin Mulei had a big vision of using the platform to expose, promote and celebrate talented youth. A busy disc jockey, Mulei had wanted to do more than spinning.He attended local music awards and events, scoured the internet for details, assembled a team and executed the first Groove Awards in 2004. But it proved a tough venture because he had no equipment, no contacts and made many mistakes.

If I’d been weak I’d have given up after the first one,” he says.

So the next year he gave it another shot, but limited support from the stakeholders made the second event even harder. And frustrated that people were not buying into his vision, and with the $25,000 debt, Mulei did the inevitable. He gave up, packed his bags and relocated to the US for a year where he dabbled in everything, from learning real estate to media production.

“Taking the break was one of the best decisions I have ever made. When I came back a year later I had lots of creative ideas. My passion and vision was very clear in my mind and on paper. I am a strong believer of putting goals on paper because then I can take stock of any accomplishments. So we put together the next Groove Awards, we got very good buy in from industry players and this time round I did not lose any money,” he recalls.

Today he runs Mo Sound Events, a creative and equipment company which offers a wide variety of solutions in production, events management, digital media, brand activation and entertainment equipment. The company has expanded to Rwanda and is set to open in Uganda and Tanzania. Mo Sound has 70 employees and occasionally contracts the services of up to 40 more casuals when needed.

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