Lizha James Biography (MOZAMBIQUE)


Lizha James is one of the biggest musicians in Lusophone Africa well known for the albums Rainha do Ragga and Sentimentos de Mulher.

Things you didn’t know about Lizha James Biography

What’s age is Lizha James?
When was Lizha James born?
Lizha James was born on December 12, 1982 in the capital of Mozambique.

Lizha James was born to Jaime James Humbane and Madalena Fernando.

What’s Lizha James real name?
Popularly known as Lizha James, her real name is Elisa Lisete James Humbane. According to her father, Elisa is her aunt name who used to sing as well, and Lizha is a short name for Elisa since when young she was short.

What’s Lizha James music background?
Lizha James started to sing as part of the Methodist Church, Igreja Metodista Unida. According to her mother, Lizha was never a problematic girl, always directed to studies and religious. By the age of 14, Lizha joins one of the most famous house music groups in Mozambique – Electro base. However her career gains a boost only when she started to perform solo, launching her first album in 2000 – Watching you. Two years later she started to work as a print model for companies like Coca Cola, Sabco; Mcel and King Pie.

Lizha James is married to Bang, the founder of Bang Entertainment, in 2010.

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