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Loise Kim is an Award Winning Self-proclaimed Kikuyu Gospel Singer, Artiste and Song Writer.loise-kim

Things You Didn’t Know About Loise Kim || Biography
Loise Kim real name is Loise Njeri Githuku.

Loise Kim was born and raised in Mwimuto in Kiambu County and she is the first born in a family of eight whose parents are David Githuku and Pastor Felistus Njambi.

Loise Kim studied at Lower Kabete Primary School then she joined Muslim Girls and later went to Temple college.

Loise kim started her music career in 2008 and she ensures that she makes an album out every year to keep her fans entertained although doing her first song recording in 2006, Ndi Ihinyiani (I am in the race) thanks to her Uncle who knew her passion and took her to a studio. With her Best Song being Nduguikara Hemaini Cia Kunyarario (I will not focus on what people think about me. She leverages on all social media platforms to keep herself relevant in the industry. Moreover, she started harnessing his talent back in high when she was in the Christian Union where she was the Chairperson for three years leading the praise and worship team.

Loise Kim road to the Top has not being all that easy. She had a business at Gikomba Market in Nairobi and also had a Matatu she bought on Loan, but the business was hard because the crew was not honest. She didn’t have any career in particular but her mother wanted her to be a teacher. She didn’t like the idea because she could make it as a teacher. She had a passion for music and she used to secretly watch people perform secular and gospel music. Music was in her, but she had not realized it. In addition, back then while she was 19years old she got pregnant, making her life somehow unbearable and her message today to everyone is urging them not Abort because everyone makes a mistake. Furthermore according to her, children are a Blessing from God and above All, Abstain from premature Sex.

Loise runs Loise kim Foundation, an idea that came after she visited two children homes in 2008 where the children were starving and decided she had to do something. She started mobilizing friends and fans to send food and other contributions to the homes which also helps to mobilize support for people with disability and widows, a foundation run by five directors who coordinate fundraising in spite still in verge of looking for partners from the private sector and government.

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