Lucy Njambi Ndung’u Biography

Lucy Njambi Ndung’u biography

Lucy Njambi Ndung’u Biography: on Friday 26 January, Lucy Njambi Ndung’u succumbedto death at Kenyatta Hospital after she was attacked, raped and doused with acid, sustaining 75 percent burns.

Good Samaritans found Njambi abandoned without clothes at Kamiti Corner in Ruiru. She was taken to Kiambu hospital and later Kenyatta National Hospital – KNH.

Njambi was married to Samwel Ndung’u, a former Kiambu MCA (Riruta Ward).

Njambi was a mother of a four year old son.

Speaking to Standard Digital, the former teacher last spoke to Lucy on Thursday last week. They had a phone call that lasted 20 minutes.

“On Thursday she was down, I told her not to meet him (former MCA). I don’t know how she went to meet him again,” says the teacher who does not want to be named.

According to the teacher, they spoke about her marriage problems and how she was wanted nothing to do with Ndung’u’. However, he kept pestering her and was adamant to leave her for good.

“Lucy had left his place to live her on own, the MCA wanted her back, but she was adamant. She had moved to stay on Thika Road away from Riruta,” says her teacher.

Njambi moved to an apartment along Kiambu road around February 2017. Ndung’u moved to Kiambu road around March but the two lived in different houses. All through 2017, the two had marital issues to the extent of engaging in fights.

“Lucy really suffered. I told her to move to her parents place, but she ignored and said she was okay,” the emotional teacher narrated to Standard Digital.

Lucy’s former teacher divulged that she was a jovial, friendly person who mingled freely with many in society.

“Everybody was close to her, she was so friendly to everyone, she wasn’t easy to annoy anyone (sic). She was such a jovial person…she had a unique voice of a baby. Lucy was quick to make friends and was easy to spend on someone with a problem.”

According to family she was dragged into a thicket where the husband’s friend raped her before they poured acid on her. She was then dumped by the roadside without clothes.

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