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Mbogua mostly known as M3 is a 254 young Music Producer, Drummer and Musician based in Nairobi City, providing the world with #FeelGoodMusic.

Things You Didn’t Know about Mbogua Mbugua Mbugua || Biography

People find it hard to believe but his real full names are Mbogua Mbugua Mbugua which is where he got his stage name, M3, from. Pronounced as M cubed. The logo, which is a hand forming an M with 3 Fingers, whose ingenuity was designed by a duo team of him and his really good friend, Mukiza Mwenesi.

From Kindergarten to Primary he was in Riara Road Primary School, off Ngong Road and then later joined Brookhouse International School in 2012, where he did his O-level studies and also BTEC music getting a diploma in Music. Currently, he is at Riara University majoring in Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing Option.

With a lot of people to thank who have helped  and pushed him to what he is doing now, M3 is a Innovative and creative founder of M3 Entertainment, producing fresh and vibrant Music to branding his own M3 Merchandise.

M3 started playing piano at the age of 6, doing ABRSM exams then later picked up drums for s short while. In primary, a marching band was introduced and he joined playing the cornet and trumpet for about 5 years while still playing drums once in a while. Later on in high school, he went back to playing drums ‘professionally’, playing in church, playing in the bands despite being in and out school to playing for different artists mostly from Sauti Academy.

In late 2014, he went into production  while he was doing the music course at Brookhouse. He Taught himself how to operate the software, program and arrange music with guidance from the tutors and since then he has worked with singers, songwriters and instrumentalists producing neo-soul songs, RnB, jazz, afro house to even hip hop as he journeys on to discover his own sound or genre that he is  comfortable with.

M3 a.k.a M Cubed, generally loves music and everything to do with it. From listening to it, playing it and even making it. Being around my friends and having a good time. Going for live concerts is another thing he loves doing. To top it Up, he really values his sleep, whenever he gets it.

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