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Marietje Schaake was the Chief Observer of the European Union Election Observation Mission during Kenya’s elections 2017. The Wall Street Journal called her “Europe’s Most wired politician”, while CNN called her a “Rising Dutch star” who makes an increasingly rare “passionate and public case for liberalism and globalization”.

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Marietje Schaake was born on 28th October 1978 and grew up in Leiden.

Marietje Schaake dutchs’ pronunciation is mɑˈritʃə ˈsxaːkə.

Marietje Schaake went to high school at the Haags Montessori Lyceum in The Hague before leaving for the United States to study liberal arts at Wittenberg University in Ohio. At Wittenberg University she studied sociology, American studies and new media at the University of Amsterdam.

After an internship with the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Schaake was granted the Lantos Fellowship of the United States House of Representatives, where she focused on international relations and human rights issues.

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