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Jasper Muthomi aka Mc Jessy is a celebrated Kenyan comedian and a church leader. He does comedy on ntv episode of Churchill raw and Churchill show. Jasper like any other kenyan man had a long journey to success and he struggled to make it to the top.

Mc Jessy

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Things You Didn’t Know About MC Jessy || Jessy Jasper|| Biography


Born of a meru family in late 80s and raised in Egoji village in Meru county.


Jasper attended Embu county for primary education and later went to st Cyprian boys for his secondary education. As his parents were unable to pay for his secondary school,after class eight he was forced to stay back at home as his peers join sec. School. This gave him much stress but he never gave up. He believed that one day,he will be a great person in Kenya.As God is always good,jasper managed to get a good sponsor who volunteered to pay for his secondary education.


Hard work pays and it really paid for Jasper Muthomi. After his higher education,jobs were hard to get,as we all know competition is always tight for fresh graduates. In good luck,he met Mr Churchill Ndambuki in one of the canivos’toilets, after a long chart,Ndambuki agreed to give him a test in comedy. He did it very well and there,he spiced his name,from Jasper Muthomi to MC Jessy. In addition, he a Lecturer at Daystar University.



Mc Jessy’s first car was a Mercedes Benz, an old one though. It was so old that the number plate was KYC 110


Mc Jessy’s first college was Nairobi Institute of Business Studies (NIBS)


Mc Jessy’s favorite musician is Jaguar because his songs give someone morale


Mc Jessy’s best moment in life was when his career in comedy started to rise


Mc Jessy’s dream city is Miami


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