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Okiya Omtatah is a human rights activist, poet and a playwright.

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Okiya Omtatah was born in Busia County on 30th November 1964 and grew up in Teso South.

Omtatah’s full name is Okiya Omtatah Okoiti.

Okiya Omtatah has four elder sisters and the only boy in his family.

Okiya Omtatah joined class one(1) in 1971 and completed class seven(7) in 1977, thereafter joined St. Pauls’ Secondary School for form 1 and 2. It is here that he met a missionary priest who greatly influenced his convictions to date and later joined St. Peters School in Mukumu in 1981 for his Form 3 and 4 where he passed my O levels then admitted to the same school for his Form 5 and 6 and cleared in 1983.
Due to my exemplary performance, he was called to join the University of Nairobi for a Bachelor of Commerce Degree. Omtatah, however, opted not to join the University and instead went to St. Augustine in Mabanga, Bungoma where he pursued Diploma in Philosophy.
Later, he quit priesthood and joined the Kenya Polytechnic to pursue Mechanical and Automotive Engineering.

It was while schooling for priesthood that he suffered an injury that affected my brain and he became epileptic hence couldn’t continue with the priesthood. His health deteriorated severely that he was taken to Aga Khan Hospital and was diagnosed with grand mal which is a permanent condition.His condition was so serious that he could not continue with priesthood.

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