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Renowned secular musician Onyi Jalamo is the brain child behind NASA Tibim Hit song; transforming him from a struggling small club artiste to a much-sought-after performer.

Things You didn’t know about Onyi Jalamo Biography

Onyi Jalamo real full name is Joseph Onyango Ochieng.

Onyi had no idea that it would receive such massive airplay and become the official Opposition song; a song that took him less than an hour to compose, record, and release the audio.. The song is a remix of an earlier version, Dan Oria Tena, in support of a local politician vying for a county assembly seat in Nairobi. In the remix, he added other Opposition leaders.

Rumours were rife that he had been well paid by NASA, to the tune of Sh10 million.
Jalamo has also been given a music sound system and a van by the former prime minister.

“Ignore the many reports doing the rounds on social media from a section of bloggers. It is true that I have been paid handsomely by Raila Odinga, but it is not Sh10 million,” he said.


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