Rev Kathy Kiuna Biography


Kathy Kiuna is a senior pastor at Jubilee Christian Church in Nairobi and the Visionary of Daughters of Zion Ministry.

Rev Kathy Kiuna biography

Things You Didn’t Know About Rev Kathy Kiuna || Biography

Kathy Kiuna is happily married to Bishop Allan Kiuna having met in an interesting way.

“He was at a phone booth, having a conversation with his mother (that’s what he told me!), and I passed by on my way to church. He told his mum to hang on a sec, then called out to me, asking me to give him a minute as he wanted to speak to me. The only reason I stopped was because he had called me by my name. After ending his conversation with his mum, he told me straight up that he wanted to get to know me and asked if he could buy me lunch.

I turned him down, saying I was busy. I was in fact busy as I was headed to join the praise and worship team for the lunch time service. But this did not deter him and he pursued me relentlessly.

On our first date he made it clear that he wanted to get married. That was in January. By December the same year I said ‘I do’, and became Mrs Kiuna. I was 25 and he was 27.”


Kathy Kiuna is blessed with three children: Vanessa who is studied law in Australia, Stephanie, and Jeremy, their “miracle” baby.

Kathy Kiuna is the co­-founder of JCC which was started in 1999 by her husband, Bishop Allan Kiuna

#Music Kathy Kiuna is a tremendous singer and worship leader who has done three 3 music albums.

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