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Richard Onyonka is the Member of parliament for Kitutu Chache South constituency in Kisii county since 2013.

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Richard Onyonka was born in 1962.

Richard’s full name is Richard Momoima Onyonka.

Richard Onyonka attended Otamba and Mosocho primary schools, Kisii High and St. Marys school, Yala, before joining the University of Nairobi where he did his undergraduate studies in Bachelor of Commerce in 1985.
Onyonka proceeded to study abroad at Carolina State University where he attained his Masters degree in management.

Richard Onyonka’s father is Zachary Onyonka, who was then an MP for Kitutu Chache constituency and foreign affairs minister, was re-elected in the 1992 elections.

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Richard Onyonka’s political journey began in 1992 during Kenya’s multi-party elections. Onyonka contested at the time but lost during KANU nominations. Despite losing in the 1996 by-elections, he contested for the parliamentary seat in 2002 general elections but lost to Jimmy Angwenyi.
It’s until 2013 when he successfully won the position to lead Kitutu Chache constituency.
Onyonka once served as assistant minister in the ministry of foreign affairs between 2008-2013 during Mwai Kibaki’s reign.


“I joined the University of Nairobi for a bachelor of commerce course in 1980. Campus was real fun as students had their clothes washed at the campus laundry and rooms cleaned for them. Then there was the ever sumptuous five meals a day all for free.

My favourite unit was ‘International trade’ which was taught by one Prof Mazoe, a Greek. I however hated statistics given it had too much arithmetic! To unwind I would take time to play football in the university’s team where I was the goalkeeper.

In fact my love for football started at St Mary’s Yala. We would sometimes go out to drink, which we did in style given each student received Sh 2,000 ‘boom’ money from the government.

Campus life took a turn for the worse after the 1982 attempted coup by Kenya Air Force soldiers. Majority of us joined the plotters and I56 of us were arrested among them Amani leader Musalia Mudavadi. Many including myself served two years in jail for sedition and attempted coup.

Two years later we were released on ‘nolle Prosequi’ grounds by the High Court. We sat for our university exams just two weeks after our release. Interestingly, only one from the 156 failed! Jail taught me life skills.”

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