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Kenyan-born maverick Wealthy Businessman and Party of National Alliance (PONA) party leader, Steve Mbogo is considered as one of the richest men under 30 in East Africa according to Forbes.

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Things You Didn’t Know About Steve Mbogo || Biography


Steve Mbogo was born on October 29th 1986 in Mt. Elgon Hospital , Kitale, as the fourth born child of Mr. Joseph Ndwiga and his wife, Francesca Ndwiga, and the only son.


 Mbogo’s full name is Steve Mbogo Ndwiga.


Steve Mbogo, an epitome of a lavish lifestyle was raised from a very humble family background in Kitale, that could not even afford to pay for his air fare to Cairo University in Egypt where he had been offered a fully paid scholarship, which probably explains why he eats life with a big spoon.


Steve Mbogo started his basic education in Kitale Academy in 1990 and ended it in Nairobi’s St.Aquinas High School in 2004 where he had gone to live with his brother James Mbogo.

Steve was upwardly polite and uprightly obedient.Nonetheless, it is a decision he took after completing high school that some would have considered irrational: he declined a chance to join the prestigious University of Nairobi,the best university in the East African region then, much to the dismay of his parents, friends and teachers.

Instead, he saw better prospects abroad and applied to Cairo University in Egypt where he was offered a place plus full tuition fee.Even then he did not have air fare and money for upkeep.It took the intervention of Mr. Thomas Britol, an American family friend, for Steve Mbogo to travel. He later got Mosky and African-Arab Institute scholarships for his studies.

Steve Mbogo graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Cairo University School of Business in 2008. After completing postgraduate studies at the London School Of Economics in 2010, he received the Samuel Morse Lane Scholarship to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree at University Of South Australia(UNISA, Adelaide), graduating in 2012.

Mbogo subsequently gained admission to UNISA Flying School training as a pilot and earning a Private Pilot’s License (PPL) and Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL) certificates in 2011 and 2012 respectively.


Steve Mbogo has beaten all odds to become one of the wealthiest Kenyan entrepreneurs.His entrepreneurial journey started 15 years ago as a high school student in St. Aquinas Nairobi, where he sold computers to his schoolmates and friends.

The entrepreneur who has been described as Kenya’s youngest billionaire by politician Paul Kobia has built an empire spanning real estate, manufacturing, renewable energy, ICT, Insurance, Aviation and investments

Steve Mbogo owns, Chairs and Chief Executive Officer of luxury goods company Capital Flow Enterprises , a diversified conglomerate with approximately $ 130 million in revenues. The International commodities trading company, specializing in freight forwarding, has operations in 4 continents with offices in over 73 countries. Steve owns the Della wine estate, and took part in the development of the renowned Mimosa Golf Club.

He also owns twelve 4-star Hotels across Kenya, thirty two apartment blocks in Nairobi, two insurance companies in Uganda, six Nightclubs in Nakuru, Kisumu and Nairobi, and a flight training academy in Wilson Airport, Nairobi. He jointly owns and manages two law firms and three stock brokerage companies at the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

He also also serves as Non-Executive Chair of Fly 540 Airways and Youth Aviation Company Kenya and also had served as Board Chairman at Faulu Bank.


Mbogo is the Party of National Alliance (PONA) party leader and also the patron of Kenya Universities Student Organization (KUSO), an organisation that represents over 1,000,000 students studying in 83 Kenyan Universities, Colleges and polytechnics


Businessman Steve Mbogo is ranked by Forbes as one of the richest men under 30 in East Africa. Steve Mbogo, a Multi-Dollar Millionaire lives a flashy lifestyle that is envied by many, from hobnobbing with the who is who of this continent, dining in 7 Star hotels, jet setting, you name it.


Steve kicked off his celebrations by visiting Maji Mazuri Children’s home and spread cheer to the kids.


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  1. seriously guys he attained soo many certs from 2010 to 2012 like, was he multitasking different unrelated courses ama?
    this guy is a liar people.
    I pity starehe people n Kenyans at large If this guy becomes mp this year.
    if he was such an intellectual as he claims to be, he wouldn’t be flaunting his”wealth” all over❓

  2. I’ve seen Steve grow from rags to riches. He always had that business mind from way back. A charming young man he is. And no doubt absolutely brilliant at what he gets his hands on to.
    He’s got a great heart to, humble and willing to lend an ear to even the people I reckon are not worthy. He’s focused, and gas always been enchanted by the latest of developments, both socially and economically.
    You claim he resume doesn’t add up, loOK around you, will you? We are led by fraudulent and incompetent leaders who do not understand the youth- well they think they do when they try to ape how we speak(slang/swanglish)
    Give the young man a chance. I reckon he just might be what we as Kenyans need. We all deserve a good shot at life, and he is just taking his- all in good faith. Embrace him

  3. Keep it up Steve , a young man with roots from Embu County , Nembure village. You have set the bar higher for young and youth to emulate, that hard work and focus not forgetting your history can indeed pay, kudos mheshimiwa.