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Suzie Wokabi, a serial and accomplished entrepreneur with seer passion, perseverance, patience and hard work in the beauty industry has grown her Suzie Beauty Company into a Multi-Million Dollar company after a lot of trial and errors in creating a stable foundation for products from manufacturing and making distributions.suzie-wokabi


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Things You Didn’t Know About Suzie Wokabi || Biography

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Suzie Wokabi was born as the last born of four to a Kikuyu father and a mother of Indian / Meru backgrounds and she is married and a wife to one very motivational husband since 2008 with whom they are blessed with a vibrant son Maceo.

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The beautiful Suzie Wokabi attended United States International University in Nairobi for a degree in International Relations before embarking and proceeding to USIU in San Diego to complete her final year.After graduation, she started working for an Eye-wear company in New York City and its during that time she got curious into why beauty made so much news, and interest got the better part of her and made a discovery that beauty industry was very much supported. Sooner than Later she joined Multi-billion MAC Cosmetics for initial training while on part time basis before taking further studies at a Make-up school in Los Angeles.

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Suzie Wokabi is the founder, owner and Chief Executive Officer of Suzie Beauty, one of East Africa finest and local cosmetics Company that was launch in 2011 with nine products into the market by then when they made their first shipment in March 2012, and now has more than 40 products its SB line. A beauty product entrepreneur as she is, has seen her company grow more branches to as Australia from over 15 SB products retail outlets from her home country.

Multi-Millionaire Suzie Wokabi with only 7 months as at December, 2012 the company had sold 12,000 units equivalent to $142,000 in sales and $178,000 by the first ending year. This comes with no surprise with most SB products costing more than $10 whose target market is the growing middle class especially the professional woman who wants good quality beauty products without a hustle of travelling internationally.In a nutshell, years down the line since the launch, Suzie has quite an impressive networth of millions to credit her to appear in the Young Rich Programme. Nevertherless, she advises all practitioners in beauty and cosmetics industry that Humility is extremely important, be passionate and willing to pay your dues in order to get that much coveted success.

Suzie Wokabi received funding from two investment groups of a combined US$71,000 and Chase Bank, a local bank that gave them $118,000.Sooner than later, she launched the Suzie beauty in December 2011 and receiving the first shipment of SB products in March 2012 which saw her company retailing since then.

Suzie Wokabi is a go happy girl who looks far younger than her age loves hanging out with her girlfriends and networking with like minded people like her.

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