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Prof. Tom Ojienda is a Kenyan experienced Advocate of the High Court.

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Prof. Tom Ojienda holds a Doctorate Degree in Law (LL.D) from the University of South Africa (2010), a Master of Law degree (LL.M) from King’s College London (1995) and a bachelor of Law degree (LL.B) from the University of Nairobi (1991).

“I started my education in Kisumu, Nyanza but later my family moved to Machakos where I spent my teenage years and went to Machakos Boys High School. My father was a lecturer at Machakos Teachers’ College.
I have fond memories of Machakos Boys because I emerged the top student in my ‘A’ Level class and my name is engraved on the school board.
I never intended to be a lawyer. I wanted to become a pilot. Law came after my ‘A’ levels. My father influenced me to this profession.
Once I joined the University of Nairobi to study Law, I never looked back. I graduated among the top students in my class.”

Prof. Tom Ojienda has consulted for various agencies and represented parties in varied areas of Law including Forensic Legal Audits, Election Petitions; Constitutional and Judicial Review; Commercial and banking Law; Company Law; Labour and Employment Law; Land and Rates Law; Insurance Law; East Africa Community Law, Intellectual Property Law; Taxation Law and Policy;
Mining Law and Devolution Law.

“I got an internship at Wahui & Muite Company Advocates; it was among the three top law firms then. Top students from Law School Dean’s list would get internship in the three law firms. I happened to be among them thus, enjoyed the privilege of practicing Law with the best brains then.”

Prof. Tom Ojienda has published various books and peer reviewed articles; consulted for various agencies and presented papers in various countries including United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Britain, Holland, Hungary, France, Isle of Man, South Africa, Mozambique, Germany, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Cote D’Voire, Ghana, Togo, Egypt, Cameroon, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Nigeria, Senegal, Brazil and Argentina.

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