Top Comedians On CHURCHILL SHOW in 2016


Churchill show is the biggest comic show in Kenya with the proprietor Daniel Ndambuki taking center stage every Sunday when NTV airs the show at 8PM. The show has over the years grown into major heights- having hit 100 episodes in February- and given many comedians a platform to grow but among all of these comedians there is always one who stands out among the rest.

Top Comedians On CHURCHILL SHOW (Facebook)

Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki aka Mwalimu King’ang’i

Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki is a Kenyan comedian who hosts the comedy TV show Churchill Show on NTV Kenya. Churchill was born in Kitui town, but moved to Machakos.

Eric Omondi 

For Eric Omondi, one of the biggest celebrity names synonymous with comedy in Kenya, the stand-up comedy stage has not only been a platform to continuously crack up Kenyans, but also a stepping stone to self-discovery and tremendous growth.

MC Jessy (Jessy Jasper)

Jasper Muthomi aka Mc Jessy is a celebrated Kenyan comedian and a church leader. He does comedy on ntv episode of Churchill raw and Churchill show. Jasper like any other kenyan man had a long journey to success and he struggled to make it to the top. Born of a meru family in late 80s gave him a much test to struggle through but finally he conquered.

Chipukeezy Vinnie

He is stand up comedian by profession,Mc,Radio presenter at kiss 100,And am cool like that.

David The Student

Why lie,  for now David the student is best comedian that is currently huge on Churchill show. Who would have thought that the word ‘stupid’ would become such a big word in comedy and not an abuse. David Student has grown from just being a comedian who can come and give you one or two jokes but can actually take over the whole show by incorporating the audience into it . If Churchill was to leave the show, David Student would surely one of the best choice of a host for the show.

Sleepy David

Always terming himself as a P.A of Chipukeezy Sleepy David is truly funny. He can pick a trending topic and make a joke out of it. Be it a pastors sermon or a story that everyone has been talking about. Sleepy will for sure always stand out as a great comedian.

 Njoro the Comedian

Talking of the stories of his dad fighting with the landlord and with the neighbors, Njoro’s voice in comedy has risen as a guy who would take you from your chair to your carpet when narrating his stories.


“Hambari Ngani” is the intro that Karis would use when he enters the stage and how diverse is Karis such that he can pick a joke from North Eastern combine it a Meru accent and still make the audience laugh.

Zeddy Comedian

Little would one have known that a lady would come on top when it comes to comedy and Zeddy has surely shown that this game can also be run by ladies. She comes at number 9 on Churchill show

 Proffessor Hamo

With the act of him imitating a professor, Hamo has really come up a voice to reckon with on Churchill show.


From his jokes of Kariobangi and East lands Butita has surely mastered the art of comedy and how to make his audience laugh by connecting what happens on the ground with what people can relate with.

Mammito Eunice

Churchill Show comedienne Mammito Eunice is spontaneous, funny, a little outrageous and lively. The first born in a family of threeis actually very intelligent, and there’s more to her than what meets the eye..


Who would have thought that a black Michael Jackson would crack you up ? YY has surely shown that continuous efforts and auditions can surely rise up a talent to be the best in the industry.

Rib Krakaz

This will surely be the best group of comedians that will ever grace the the industry. From the days of Naswa to the the stage of Churchill show these comedians are creative and their art of marching and imitating what people do on a daily basis is a true character of comedy that many would always love to see.


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