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Victoria Kimani Biography: Victoria Kimani is an American-born Kenyan singer, actress , songwriter and entertainer

Victoria Kimani Biography, Age, Career, Background.

Victoria Kimani was born on 28th July 1985 in Los Angeles, California, USA but Originally from Kenya. She grew up partly in Benin City, Nigeria while her parents were doing Missionary work.

Victoria is the youngest of three kids ,whose parents are pastors, the other kids are mainly two older brothers ; one being Kenya’s renowned Bamboo.

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Victoria lived and studied in Nigeria for her secondary school education before leaving Benin City, Nigeria to Nairobi city, Kenya to immediately doing singing back ups for Mercy Mara .It was during this period, she asked herself whether to sit in school or follow her dreams and do what she LOVES which is Music, despite her parents wishes of her finishing school they eventually let her follow her dreams and as a result never went back to the college she had barely began.The young recognized female artiste and an all round creative person she is, she will still go back to school and learn what interest her which is Psychology and learn how people think which will still be tied to her music career

Kenyan-American Musician Victoria Kimani started writing, recording and performing while as a teen at age of 16 years despite singing from the tender age of 9 years and has grown to working with top artists and producers, perfecting and developing her musical and visual craft as well as writing for all sorts of signed artists around the world mainly Los Angeles, New York , London, ATL and recently Nigeria.Currently she is part of Chocolate City family which is a Nigerian record label that attained international recognition in 2007 when the British Council awarded the company the International Young Music Entrepreneur of the Year (IYMEY) Award.


Victoria Kimani, a talented female artiste is not only an amazing vocalist but also known for a wild, attention grabbing, unapologetic fashion sense with a beautiful face, but she also owns flat belly, cut arms and a generally well toned body that complements and style and sense of fashion.

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