Angelina Wapakhabulo Biography (Uganda)


Angelina Wapakhabulo alias Mama Angelina is the outgoing Ugandan Ambassador to Kenya.

Things you didn’t know about Angelina Wapakhabulo Biography

Angelina Wapakhabulo born March 24th March 1949 and raised in the Iringa District of Tanzania.

Angelina full name is Angelina Chogo Wapakhabulo and well referred to as Mama Angelina in her home country, Uganda.

Angelina was a student at the University of Dar es Salaam where she met her husband, James Francis Wambogo Wapakhabulo.

Mama Angelina was married to the late James Wapakhabulo, a former Minister of Foreign Affairs between 23rd March 1945 to 27 March 2004 and together had four children together: Lumumba, Maima, Yona, and Josephine.

Mama Angelina is one of Uganda’s most celebrated community activists, leader, a social worker and a founding member and Co-chair of the United Way Board.

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