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Babu Owino is a Kenyan politician and the current Member of Parliament of Embakasi East in Nairobi county.

Things you didn’t know about Babu Owino  Biography

Babu Owino  was born in a city slum of Kondele, Kisumu, to Mrs. Owino(Nyagem).

Babu Owino real full name is Paul Ongili Owino.

Paul Ongili Owino(aka Babu Owino) went to Kisumu Township Primary School(1995-2002). Here, he struggled through thick & thin, guided by the fact that he hailed from a humble background, until the completion of the first 8-part of the strenuous 8-4-4 Kenyan education system. Nevertheless, Babu managed to score 394 out of the possible 500 marks. This earned him a calling letter from Mangu High School but since the loving mum was empty handed, Owino got some sponsorship from a well wisher who opted for the great Kisumu Boys instead of Mangu High. Who was he to deny such an opportunity?, a luck??
The boy went ahead & joined high school in 2003 in form 1. Come 2006, Babu sat for his KCSE exams where he managed to scoop 80 points which translate to grade A-, out of the possible 84(A). This, again, qualified him for direct entry to a public university(Mbalariany).
After the competative scramble for a chance for admission to a public university, a time when the JAB cut off was nothing less than a B+ of 72 pts, Babu secured a chance at Moi University.

Well, it’s one of the public institutions of higher learning in this country of the blacks, bt Ongili sought for an alternative which he considered the ultimate.
His uncle by then was a commercial farmer. Paul spoke smartly to his uncle whom by the grace of the Lord and mercy of the same, wholeheartedly introduced him to this business & by extension, provided him with enough capital to start & run his own vegetable large scale farm.
Within two yrs into the business & of coz after his form 4, Babu had raised funds jst enough to sponsor himself for a degree program at the university, and perhaps buy a wooden box for his books & clothes. The brown one; Ongili, registered for B.Sci(Actuarial Sci) @ The University of Nairobi in 2008 and graduated in 2012 with a 1st Class Honours degree. This was despite the fact that he was, in the academic yr 2011/12, elected the Chairman of the students union; SONU-the 3rd biggest political party after ODM & PNU.
Driven by the desire for more relevant knowledge, skills, social values & competencies, Babu Owino saw it wise & came back to the world of academia but this time persuing L.LB.(currently a 2nd yr). I

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