Barry Ndengeye Biography (Rwanda)


Billionaire Barry Ndengeye is accomplished prominent, Rwandese Businessman and the owner of B-Club an Ultimate Entertainment joint dubbed as the club for the ‘super-rich’ in Kenya.

Things you didn’t know about Barry Ndengeye Biography

Barry Ndengeye is from Rwanda.

Barry’s full name is Barry Ndengeyingoma , though referred to as ‘Ndegenye’ by his friends.

Barry Ndengeye is Art and Design graduate from DRC.

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Barry Ndengeye joined Rwanda’s business industry at the tender age of 18 and now owns several nightclubs, fitness clubs and beauty centres in Europe. Ndengeye also own outlets of art collections, designer shops and gift shops around Europe.

The 1994, Rwanda’s genocide became a turning point in his life when he was forced to leave his country, relocating to Kenya where he remained for three years before moving to Europe. In Europe, Barry embarked on his passion of entertainment. He got into several businesses including renting and selling sound and public address systems. He also went into petroleum as well as gold and diamond business.

“While in Belgium, my wife and I expanded our businesses to other countries like Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Dubai,”

“We managed to open high-end clubs such as Billion Club in Belgium that has a capacity of 3,000 people, Afrodiziac Club (also in Belgium) that accommodates 1,000 people, B-CLUB, Kigali and B-CLUB DRC among others, which are currently doing well,” he says.

Barry Ndengeye is a car enthusiast and owns several multi-million-shilling convertibles. The rides in their yard include a Bugatti, Rolls Royce, Maserati, Lamborghini, Hummer, Ferrari, Mercedes, Range Rover and a futuristic Tron bike.

Barry Ndengeye is married to Samia. Barry met his wife Samia, a private banker in wealth management, in 2006 while in Belgium and the relocated to Dubai.

Mr Barry has two children.

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