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On 30th October, Bishop Cornelius Korir of the Eldoret Catholic Diocese was pronounced dead on arrival at St Luke’s Hospital in Eldoret on Monday morning.

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Bishop Cornelius Korir was born on 6th July 1950 in Segutiet, Bomet District.

Bishop Korir’s full name is Cornelius Kipng’eno Arap Korir.

Bishop Korir served as a priest for 34.98 years said he wished to become a priest in his early school days.

“When I was a pupil at Chesoen and Segutiet primary schools between 1959 and 1970 I knew I felt that I wanted to be a priest. I schooled at the Mother of Apostles Minor Seminary in Eldoret before joining St Augustine Major Seminary in Bungoma in 1976. I became a catechist and went to the seminary.”

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Bishop Korir took over leadership of Eldoret Diocese from Bishop John Njenga after he was transferred to Mombasa before his retirement.

“My family could not afford to go to church every week as it meant we would walk for 46KM to and from church. My late mother was a very staunch catholic and that is when I learnt what it meant to be a catholic.”

At age 0f 32 years,In 6th November 1982 Korir became an Ordained Priest and on 2nd April 1990, he was appointed to be a Bishop of Eldoret then same year at age 39 years on 2nd June 1990, he became an Ordained Bishop of Eldoret.

In 2006, Bishop Korir was awarded a Moran of the Burning Spear by President Mwai Kibaki for his peace efforts. Bishop Korir also earned the Milele Lifetime Award in 2009 from the National Commission of Human Rights.

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