Popular mobile phone brands in Kenya

Kenya is one of the African countries with the highest mobile phone penetration. An average Kenyan will often own more than two sim cards, at least one smartphone, and sometimes a feature phone (commonly referred to as kaduda, kifinyilio, or kabambe). Below are all the 50 popular mobile brands in Kenya: Tecno Samsung Huawei Infinix … Read more

Apple iPhones in Kenya

The iPhone is a unique smartphone that offers great value for money. Do you want to own an iPhone in Kenya? Then you have the opportunity to learn from reviews from this blog before you can purchase the popular top models in the best conditions. Apple iPhones are high-quality, powerful, and above all durable. The … Read more

Android mobiles keep improving – What Kenyans will benefit

The technology of Android smartphones is improving every year. With some technologies, however, smartphone manufacturers depend on the support of companies that advance technical innovations. Advancements in charging technology for Kenyan mobile users With numerous smartphones in the market, Qualcomm is one tech firm that wants to set new standards in terms of charging technology. … Read more